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dear reader,

Welcome to Wardrobe Vibrancy, a blog in which we will explore taking risks in fashion and in life!

Fashion can seem daunting and exclusive to those with the right bank account, height, weight, career, etc. But if we take a deeper look, what we choose to put on everyday is an integral part of our identity and self-image. The way that we present ourselves to the world shapes not only the way that others view us, but perhaps more importantly, the way that we view ourselves.

Wardrobe Vibrancy is not another inaccessible fashion blog, functioning like an online runway show that promotes me (the author’s) envious closet or lifestyle and excludes you (the reader). Rather than leading by exclusion, I want to include you in my love of style and of life. Sure, I’ll show you the things I like and the clothes I’m drawn to, but I encourage you to use this blog as a point of inspiration and a forum for self-exploration. After all, I am exploring right along with you!

Join me as I revel in the playful magic and transformative power of a vibrant wardrobe.