When I insert the tarnished key in my dingy little mailbox, I’m usually greeted with throw away items: another credit card application, a flier for pizza that I can’t eat since I’ve gone gluten free, coupons for my least favorite super market. And then, under last month’s comcast bill, I find a glimmering copy of Anthropologie magazine. I eagerly run up to my apartment, throw my things on the hallway floor, and sit on my couch to devour the images. Anthropologie is one of those rare brands that inspires me through its enticing imagery and fantastical spirit. It’s not so much that I love and want every item of clothing, it’s more so that I want to live in the pages of the magazine. Now that’s powerful marketing.

When I was first settling into my D.C. apartment (and by settling I mean decorating), I decided I wanted to have my very own inspiration board. I was in the post-breakup dumps and trying to reinvigorate myself, or in less pretty terms, pick myself up off the floor. It was time to surround myself with beautiful images that composed my dream reality. Better to look at that than a wall with a poor paint job.

photo 1

My board has evolved with time, currently exhibiting my favorite Chinese fortunes, old birthday cards and messages, funny bumper stickers and cascading paper chains, but the foundation of the board is always made up of rotating, seasonally apropos images from Anthropologie. It may sound silly, but creating an inspiration board and displaying it in a place that you look everyday, makes a difference! Oftentimes, I find myself living my life through the lens of the images and quotes, thereby generating new possibilities in my life.

All you need is a cork board, some tacks, and a couple of magazines that inspire you. Trust me- the life that you want will start manifesting in front of your eyes…