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Fall is the perfect time of year to organize and clean out your closet. Did I lose you already? Yes, I said “organize” and “clean” in the same sentence, and no, I’m not your mother. I like to clean out and organize my closet and armoire constantly. It feeds a deep-seated sense of cleansing and renewal, as if the clothes inside morph to match my inner transformational work.

In preparing for a move, cleaning and organizing becomes bottom line; it provides the opportunity for interesting insight. I notice a sense of unease around cluttered corners and drawers. My mind keeps probing me to take a closer look at what has been sitting for the past two years, taking up unnecessary space, and providing seemingly benign clutter.

As I hesitantly roll up my sleeves and enter the cobwebs of my life, I realize how incredibly attached we humans are to our stuff, even the stuff that we don’t know exists. Half of the things we think we need and use, we don’t; I’m being generous when I say half. Over the past two weeks, I have cleaned out every closet, drawer, file and corner. And let me say my apartment looks better than ever and my mind feels refreshed.

What I’m trying to say is: our closets are a reflection of our lives and selves. Just because it is behind a closed door in your bedroom, doesn’t mean that it’s not impacting your everyday life.

Let’s face it- most of us don’t want to exert the energy to clean out our closets on a regular basis. So here are four small suggestions that will make a BIG difference.

  1. Buy hangers. Buy them! Don’t use the extras from the dry cleaner– those thin wiry monsters that snag your clothes and create square indents in your blouse shoulders. Pictured above you see the colored plastic hangers that I purchased at the Container Store. I would recommend getting huggable hangers. They take up less room and look uniform and beautiful.
  2. Don’t neglect your shoes. Most of the women I’ve worked with disregard their shoes, keeping them in a dusty pile at the bottom of their closets. I did the same until I discovered the Container Store’s clear plastic shoe bins (thank you, Lindsay!) These bins will not only keep you incredibly organized, but will protect your shoes. Because the boxes are clear, it is easy to pick out the pair you’re searching for. There are multiple shoe bin sizes, so it is easy to store your favorite leather boots during the summer months.IMG_6033
  3. Organize to your liking. I keep jackets & sweaters, pants, blouses, skirts, and dresses each in their own sections. Within the sections I organize by color, so that in my morning stupor, I can easily pick out my cashmere magenta cardigan or black silk shell without a thought. In future posts you can expect thoughts on: what to get rid of, what to consign, and what you should hold on to.
  4. Just do it! Nike couldn’t have said it better. A perfect free weekend or evening to clean out your closet will not magically appear. I can name at least 10 things that will end up becoming higher priority. Take 30 minutes and start. At the very least, you’ll find a piece that you haven’t worn for a while, and at the very best, you’ll get peace of mind and renewed excitement about the wardrobe you had all along.