Now this is what I mean when talking about an empowered relationship to wardrobe! Check out my friend Nicole’s artistic glimpse into art, NYC, fashion, jewelry, and photography.

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Fashion is transformative. Personal styling is a form of communication, a way to express one’s own unique view on the world, a tool to enhance self image and boost career.

blanket coat 3

My wardrobe choices reflect my emotional state, my plans for the day, my goals for the near future, my current art or music obsession…


But beyond expressing different aspects of my personality and mood, my outfit choices are used to raise my spirits, encourage me to take risks, and completely change the course of my day.


Every year I feel a certain sadness as summer transitions to fall. While I treasure autumn the absolute most of all the seasons (the crisp cool air, the buttery yellow and fiery orange leaves, the excitement of starting anew), I always experience a sense of loss as summer slowly dies away.

I need my sartorial choices to not only combat the increasingly chilly temperature…

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