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IMG_0990It is one thing to sit in my living room daydreaming about Wardrobe Vibrancy as a vehicle for empowerment, and another to actually put my intentions into practice. First step– to find out how women actually feel about the way that they dress. Are they inspired and empowered around personal style? Does this concept strike a chord?

On a Sunday afternoon in June, I invited a group of girlfriends over to my apartment, wearing outfits that inspire them, to celebrate Wardrobe Vibrancy. Armed with multiple bottles of champagne and orange juice, I was not sure how the day would unfold.


The result– a lively three hour conversation about the way that we have been dressing, the reasons that we continue to dress the way that we do, and the things that stop us from feeling inspired and excited to wake up and express ourselves every morning.


The activity to facilitate our discussion simply had to involve colored poster board, markers, and post-it notes, given my background in training.


To close our conversation, we each expressed a new possibility in style that we were embracing. Mine: I am the possibility of boldness and inspiration.


What stops you from feeling powerful and beautiful every day? And more importantly, what new possibility are you embracing with your wardrobe?