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Our world has a lot to say about age and aging. We like to fight nature on this one and operate under the assumption that looking young is the only way out.

photo 5-2Enter new paradigm: Mina Jacobs, my grandmother. Gorgeous at 96, Mina “feels like a teenager.” She does her own hair, nails and makeup, and is very specific about the things she chooses to wear. This is a woman whose interest in style and passion for life has kept her vibrant and alive.

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Mina is a brilliant, triumphant woman with a dark and deep personal history. As a survivor of the Holocaust, Mina experienced one of the most horrific acts of humanity. She teaches me to never stop learning and to value and appreciate every minute.

She glows at 96, revealing nature at its best, valuing the body she is in and the beauty she posseses. She only gets more beautiful with age. We could all learn a thing or two from Mina Jacobs!