This year my life matches perfectly with the season, filled to the brim with change: change of job, change of city, and change of apartment. I have walked directly out of one life and into another. Transition defined. Now I know how the leaves feel when they’re changing color and falling off the trees.


Every year, I fight the change of season as if I can win. I act like resistance will keep the cold dark nights at bay. Unfortunately, resistance doesn’t seem to work and only ends in upset. So this year, I’m embracing transition and I invite you to embrace it with me.

First, transition your wardrobe! (You knew I was going to say that.) Wrestle with your under bed storage, pull out last year’s winter gear, and start clearing out. Get rid of the things that you didn’t wear last winter. If you weren’t drawn to them then, why would you be drawn to them now?

Second, excite yourself. If you’re in Vancouver with me, or back east, make sure you have winter gear that excites you. Not just that functional scarf, but also one that’s cozy and completes your outfit. Go out on a limb and buy a bright coat if it makes you smile. With all the innovative fashion lines today, it’s easy to be functional (i.e. weather appropriate) and stylish (i.e. happy in your skin).

Third, remember that transition is an opportunity to grow. Notice what you’re resisting and see if you can make a shift. Shift your resistance by putting on an outfit that inspires you, no matter what the temperature is outside.