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I’m no high-heel-hater, but at 7:30am when the alarm goes off and it’s time to pick an outfit, I don’t gravitate toward high-heeled shoes. In a tired stupor, I yield comfort. Living in Vancouver, daily doses of rain make heels even less desirable.

Today, in the interest of challenging my reasonability, I dug out my favorite pair of high-heeled, platform boots. I bought them last year at a consignment shop for $25, thinking to myself they would be an experiment. 


I was pleasantly surprised. These boots are not only made for walkin’. The platform and rounded toe make it easy to walk in them all day, while the heel makes me feel empowered, tall, in charge. Putting them on I feel finished, professional, ready to take on the day.

The truth is, many of us sit at desks all day, staring blankly (or excitedly, depending on your day job) at computer screens, stagnant for hours. I don’t say that to depress you, but to help diminish your fear of heels. If you’re sitting anyway, why not try them on for size?

{Nine West Boots. Photos by fashion photographer, Britt Elyse-Nelson. Follow her here: www.facebook.com/britt.nelson.7355 and @brittelysenelson on Instagram}