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photo 1-9I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do love the vibrancy of the holiday season. There is a sort of momentum that fills the air as we all scuttle around buying gifts and attending festivities. We’re all in it together, tapping into each others energy and enthusiasm before crashing into the new year.

This weekend I attended Make It, a craft fair that showcases Canada’s premier artists, designers and craftily inclined. From hip to homemade, Make It exposes local artistic trends, delicacies and gifts, featuring everything from handmade silk-screened t-shirts to button earrings (see below).

photo 1-8

Roaming the aisles of handmade goodies was a reminder of the countless artistic spirits, passionate about their craft and eager to share the love. Buying from these craftily inspired folk is a way of fueling the fire of inspiration and giving back in more ways than one. If going to a craft fair sounds foreign, inaccessible and/or undesirable, many of the vendors from Make It have online shops.

photo 3-6

Gift giving is a true art. And when you find something that is the perfect combination of creative, useful, unique and just so “insert name here”, you know you’re on to something fantastic. If you’re feeling uninspired and lost in the world of retail, seek out your local craft market. You’re sure to leave energized with a handful of new goodies and an appreciation for local creativity.