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I don’t like rules. They often feel confining, constricting, even unnecessary. Rules have a way of hampering creativity, destroying our ability to express freely; and to me, style is all about self-expression and the freedom to explore and express ourselves.

So now that you know my stance on rules, I want to talk about one of the very few rules I like to adhere to when it comes to getting dressed. This post is not intended to evoke the image of a bruise, but rather to discuss the mixing of blacks and blues in the way that we dress.

I love color mixing. A rich royal blue paired with black is fantastic.

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In my book, black goes with every color, including varieties of blue, except for navy. If you are opting for a navy top, pants, skirt or dress, I suggest brown or another neutral to complement. Colors that blend well with navy include pink, purple, green, tan, gray, white, brown, gold, you name it– just not black!

I’m not an advocate for excessive purchasing or overstuffed closets, but I do recommend having two sets of accessories: one black set (black shoes, purse, coat, belt, socks) to wear with black combinations, and one brown or neutral set (shoes, purse, coat, belt, hosiery) to wear with navy combinations.

I don’t adhere to a strict set of style rules, especially when it comes to blending color, but this is one rule that I always like to follow. Trust me on this one…

{leather Diane Von Furstenberg jacket*, royal blue GAP sweater, beaded necklace from Thailand}

* = consignment shop treasure