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It’s 6pm on Wednesday. You’re too tired to cook dinner or go to the gym, so you decide it will be date night with your couch and a season of your favorite t.v. show (insert show you are ashamed to watch here). You walk into your home, throw down your bags and take off your lived in work gear to quickly transition into cozy PJ’s.

Most of us believe that pajamas don’t matter. In response to that belief, we turn our old oversized t-shirts and stained boxers into the clothes we sleep in every night.  Not to bash old oversized t-shirts, but I want to introduce you to a whole new level of feeling good. Enter: new pajamas.


A friend first introduced me to the idea of lingerie. At the time, I didn’t have a boyfriend and didn’t see the point in buying some sexy nightgown if I didn’t have anyone to wear it for. Excuses, excuses…she proved me wrong. We went out to her favorite store and she introduced me to user-friendly lingerie. I’m not talking about that overly sexualized stuff that’s incredibly uncomfortable, looks like a costume and costs an arm and a leg. I’m talking about comfortable, adorable, feminine sleepwear. So I splurged and spent more than usual on an eberjey nightgown.


For those of you thinking that lingerie is completely unappealing, then go for something else. All I’m suggesting is not to neglect yourself at night. Recently, I bought a pair of gray terry shorts and a black cotton tank from Ann Taylor LOFT for under $30. I took my new PJ set home and threw out 5 oversized t-shirts. Not only is there more space in my pajama drawer, I also feel fantastic.

Everything you have in your wardrobe can contribute to feelings of beauty, confidence, and happiness, even those items that seem “less important.” Nice pajamas don’t have to be for someone else, they can be purely for you. I put on my nightgown whenever I spend an evening in, even if I am alone. Pajamas don’t have to be uncomfortable, expensive, or overly sexualized. Simply choose what suits you! Why waste every night in something that makes you feel mediocre?

Check out my lazy sundays pinterest board for ideas on revamping your pajama drawer.

*Photos from the eberjey website*