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Holiday parties seem to bring out all the sparkles and red fabric that the fashion industry can muster. Between work formals, thansgivingkuh, Christmas and New Years, our social calendars fill up quickly in December, along with our stomachs. While filling up our calendars is simple, dressing for these occasions proves a more difficult task.

How do we sparkle during the holiday season? What should we look for in the vast sea of overpriced dresses and “New Years” gear?

My thought…go with a classic look. Opting for a fully sequined dress that costs an arm and a leg and will only be worn once is totally fine if your wardrobe and wallet are overflowing. But if you don’t fit into that category, use the holiday season as an excuse to invest in a beautiful basic. Buy a dress that you’ll wear not only to your New Year’s Eve party, but also to your cousin’s wedding.

Opt out of shopping all together and pair your favorite separates. Take a dressy top and pair it with a basic black skirt or skinny jeans. Throw on a pair of black patent leather heels and you’re set. (I love patent leather, because it is indestructible compared to other materials.)

Buy a sparkling accessory instead of a whole outfit. I love some of the giant faux gem jewelry that they’re showing right now. Anthropologie tends to have nice statement pieces that can jazz up an outfit. If you’re not a fan of jewels, try a bright scarf. Paired with a black base, you can sparkle without breaking the bank.

My pick for this New Year is a red Diane Von Furstenberg dress. I couldn’t help but twirl in the dressing room when I tried it on. It makes me feel bright and bold, elegant and feminine, without being too revealing or uncomfortable. It’s impossible for me to pass up on a classic DVF dress when I find it on consignment. Pictures to come in 2014…

What do you have in your closet that makes you sparkle? This year, start things off right, and invite in the New Year with an outfit that dazzles you.

Cheers to an incredibly vibrant New Year!