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When I told people that I was moving to Vancouver, I got a lot of comments about the weather. “Better get a heavy winter coat” or “it rains a lot there” were common responses. Yielding optimism, I ignored the weather warnings. At least the winters are more mild than the east, I told myself.

Two months later, sitting on a bus amidst umbrellas and dripping coats, I am facing off with my former optimistic self. But they say that resistance equals persistence, so rather than continue resisting, I want to transform my feelings around the rain. After all, if we’re going to be spending time together on a daily basis, we may as well be friends (we meaning the rain and I).

So today, I am choosing to embrace the art of cozy and redefine the rain. If I am going to be inside throughout January, I may as well be wearing my coziest sweater, biggest cashmere scarf, and stretchiest denim jeans.

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Rather than resist the short days and darkness, I may as well embrace getting more rest, being a little less active, and actually sitting on my couch with a cup of tea and a book from the pile of “must reads” that has been sitting beside my bed.

Like the transitional objects that keep us happy when we’re young, cozy scarves and sweaters can serve the same purpose through adulthood as we muddle through the winter months. My new Joie sweater from my favorite consignment shop in NJ, Barbara Ann’s, feels like a warm embrace when I put it on. Paired with a pair of black leggings and my Hunter rain boots, I feel cozy whether I’m inside curled up on the couch, or walking outside with my new friend, the rain.

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What brings you comfort and coziness? Wishing you a weekend filled with all things cozy and perhaps some singing in the rain.