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An exquisite gold ring with diamond chips shaping the letter “R” was passed down to me on my recent birthday. I remember my Bubba (bubba = grandmother in Yiddish) wearing it on her finger on a daily basis. She defined glamour. She lived in the heart of Manhattan and would scour consignment shops for the most beautiful bags, scarves, and suits. I remember being a little girl, burying my face in her fur coat.


As a Holocaust survivor immigrant, and the owner of a tiny grocery store in Manhattan alongside my grandfather, her primary concern was to save for her family and grandkids. Yet she lived life in a wardrobe that was elegant, expressive, vibrant. Bubba was able to dress exactly as she wished without breaking the bank or readjusting her desires. Her elegant way of dressing seamlessly melded into her life, from beaded gowns to intricate belts, to high-heeled shoes, she always found a purpose.


I feel magic when I wear the ring, like I get to carry a piece of her, and not just inside my memories, but on my finger. I carry her with me through Wardrobe Vibrancy, with the hopes of inspiring you the way that she inspired me.

Peel away the layers of your family closets. There just might be an incredible heirloom from an inspiring icon connected to you…