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Consider that you don’t see yourself clearly. You don’t appreciate your beauty or understand your body. When you look in the mirror, your vision is clouded, foggy. I say this not to put you down, but rather, to draw attention to the way that you see yourself. What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?

When I look at myself, it is not often that I actually look. I glance, noticing the blemishes on my face, the lines forming on my forehead, the shape of my stomach. I tend to focus on the negative and dismiss the rest. I notice the imperfections, the things I want to fix. You need to get into a workout routine, my mind shouts. Then I get on the bus and see other women with perfect legs or beautiful silky hair. I should look like that. I wish I had her ______.

We often have a skewed perception of ourselves, especially our bodies. And I’ve noticed that the negative self-talk gets me nowhere. It prohibits complements from loved ones and puts up a wall. The words, “You’re beautiful” become meaningless. True feelings of beauty can only come from within.

In order to break through the fog, I encourage you to evolve the way you talk to yourself. When my mind takes me to places that I don’t want to go, I redirect, focus on the beauty I can see, recognize the positive.

It is impossible to feel empowered and beautiful in our clothing if we don’t like what’s underneath. But once we accept what is there, we will see things clearly. And when we see ourselves clearly, we will shine.

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