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This week I am overcome with a case of “the blahs”. You know what I mean? That feeling of in-between, when things aren’t particularly bad, but aren’t particularly exciting either…they’re simply blah.

Though the days get longer and lighter, my spirit sinks a bit as I trudge through February, awaiting spring. The blahs make me antsy, ready to shed my winter layers and soak in some Vitamin D. All of my cozy knits and sweaters start to lose appeal and my leather boots no longer hold their mystique. I feel the urge for a closet purge and a giant reset button, time for new.

How do we overcome the blahs? This winter, rather than taking the drastic measure of discarding clothing, I’m embracing bold necklaces. I wouldn’t describe myself as a particularly funky dresser, but I’ve always been attracted to certain statement jewelry. I tend to dress in solids and simple patterns and I use bold jewelry to bring my wardrobe to life. Putting on a piece of statement jewelry feels hip, stylish, and dressy, making for a nice addition to a plain daily wardrobe (like my own).

Anthropologie is my go-to spot for statement jewelry. If you catch a good sale, you can find a fabulous necklace for just $25-$50. I get complements on these two pieces every time I wear them…

photo 5_3

The great thing about bold statement jewelry is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a fantastic piece. Beads and non-precious metals make for jewelry that is less of a financial commitment and often more playful and fun.

photo 3

I like to pick up costume jewelry whenever I travel. I bought this beaded necklace at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand. A steal at $15, its beaded beauty has  reinvigorated many outfits.


Think about ways that you can use a statement piece to revamp an outfit that feels tired and worn. Or maybe splurge on a necklace that you can wear over and over with basics, to bring some spark to your February and help you escape the wretched blahs.

Wishing you a blah-less weekend, filled with fantasy and fun!