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For now, the rain has passed. Looking out at the city on this mild Sunday morning, fresh air gushing through every apartment window, sun poking through the clouds, I feel the spring.

And there is no better way to invite in the freedom of spring than with a fresh coat of nail polish. (I tend to leave my toes unpolished throughout the winter, giving them a chance to breathe before I bombard them all summer.)

A date with a new friend is the perfect way to escape the blahs. As we stand in front of the shelves of polish, I am at a loss. “Pick out a color that you like.” My eyes gravitate toward my usual choice, some variation of light pink. Safe and pretty, standard. Am I boring? Unwilling to take a risk? A friendly nudge tells me to get something I wouldn’t normally go for.

Immediately, my eye gravitates toward a brighter purple hue, and I know that it’s the one. Sometimes you just need someone else to remind you that it’s ok to take a risk. It’s only nail polish after all.

photo 2

As it turns out, essie splash of grenadine, is the perfect color for my newly happy feet.   It’s nice to look down at something different, cheerful, rather than just another shade of light pink.

Cheers to a happy week ahead. My advice…start with your toes :)