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There is something about the month of March that makes me want to jump out of my skin. Wow, that sounds drastic. But really, there is some itch that arises in early spring that I just can’t seem to scratch. My wardrobe starts to feel tired, worn, the opposite of vibrant. My closet is suddenly uninviting. I feel the urge to start fresh, reboot, throw it all out and start from a blank slate.

The desire for sunshine, short sleeves, and flip flops, leaves me impatient, resistant to the remnants of winter spilling into a hopeful spring. How can we take this impatient resistance and turn it into a welcoming invitation to spring?

Rather than disposing of perfectly good clothing because of the spring itch, I am brainstorming ways to revive my closet and style as I prepare for the season of sun.

Here are some ideas to help you scratch the itch…

  • Window shop. The stores are always one season ahead. Get inspired eyeing the bright colors and bold prints of spring and summer.
  • Create an inspiration board. Inspiration boards are a perfect way to sort out what’s going on in your brain. What styles attract you? What colors draw you in? If you don’t like using Pinterest, buy a few magazines, a cork board and some pins. Pin up the things you love. Cover them with new images when they no longer excite you.


(Photo from my spring fling Pinterest board, reposted from: http://www.makelifeeasier.pl/moda/look-of-the-day-36) 

  • Buy something new. I like to buy one or two new items when this itch arises, just to feel like I am adding some new flare to my repertoire. I’m not talking a whole new spring wardrobe, but rather a couple of transitional items to invite spring in with vigor and a smile.
  • Reorganize your closet. Try a new order! Move your winter clothes to a less prime position and start integrating spring pieces into your worn winter outfits. Splashes of bright colors mixed with dark wool and cashmere will bring it back to life. You may find a piece or two that you forgot about buried down under. Reorganizing will help you to see new possibilities for what lies ahead!

With a little burst of energy and tiny kick in the butt (hopefully this post can serve as that kick), you can scratch the spring itch!