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I’ve been talking a lot to women about style, wardrobe, and empowerment, but what about men?

This post is dedicated to all of the male readers, and to the women who help dress their close male partners and friends. I’m sorry for leaving you out, male readers. You are equally important! It would be dismissive of me to assert that your personal style doesn’t have an impact on the way that you feel.

In the middle of a Seinfeld episode I was watching last night, George says, “Where did you find that sweater?” Jerry responds, “In the back of my closet.” George goes on to say, “That’s what the back of closets are for,” commenting on Jerry’s ugly oversized wool sweater.

Pairing well with the stereotype that women have an affinity toward fashion and clothing, is the stereotype that men have no style and don’t care about the way that they dress. George affirms this male stereotype. And while I’ve met many men who could care less about the clothing on their backs, I’ve also seen the shift that can happen when they feel that they are wearing something that suits them, something that they choose on their own, something that makes them feel expressed.

Echoing my message to women, men should be able to dress for their bodies, and in a way that they are comfortable, confident, and able to convey the message that they want to convey to the world. Men have the same struggles as women with wardrobe, from poor body image to disinterest in shopping.

In the interest of getting into a man’s world, I helped Bryan clean out his closet. Bryan was hesitant to even begin the process, resistant to getting rid of perfectly good clothing. Within an hour, we had three bags to donate and a whittled down closet, filled with the pieces that fit him well and that he likes to wear.

With an investment in huggable hangers from Costco, Bryan’s dress shirts are organized and ready to wear!


Men- again, my apologies for the neglect. You matter. I am not telling you to run to the store and buy the latest styles, but think about what you like to wear. Try going through your old things and getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit. Consider that the way you dress impacts your mood and confidence. Dressing your best is not a phrase that applies only to women. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you put on everyday is a reflection of you.