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Take a minute and visualize a corner of your home that needs some extra love. Perhaps frustration rises to the forefront, or feelings of anxiety. Whether you’re someone who is meticulous or messy, organization is your friend. For me, it is more than a friend, it is my art.

Organization is pleasing to the eye, calming to the mind, a means of expression. Space that is organized, functional, and beautiful, is the type of space that I like to inhabit.

Whenever I buy something new, whether it is a piece of clothing or a kitchen utensil, I like to visualize it in my home. Where will it sit? Does its’ color make me smile? Is it feminine or masculine? Classic or funky? Serene or jazzy? I like to imagine the feeling I want to have looking at it. It should feel updated, but homey. Warm and inviting, while still feeling calm and mature. Beautiful and classic with a twinge of fun.

Organization is no longer a chore when you view it as a means to change the way you feel and create a space that you love. But enough talking. Let me show you what I mean.

This is how I organize my jewelry… DSC_0066 Perfume… DSC_0080 Kitchen utensils… DSC_0088 Organization is my art. What would it look like if it was yours?