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With Spring bursting at the seams in Vancouver, I feel a boost of energy, a revival of sorts, a return to possibility. By a return to possibility, I don’t mean a surge of optimism. Though the two may go hand in hand, living optimistically is different from living in possibility. Living in a world of possibility takes a few steps and a lifetime of dedication.

First, it means recognizing that what you want is possible. If you start from the position of impossibility, you aren’t going to get very far in the exercise of reigniting possibility. Once you are able to acknowledge the fact that possibility exists, you have the power to generate possibility in any area of life. By declaring a possibility, you have taken the first step to making it a reality. Say it to yourself. Right now, I am the possibility of flexibility and creativity. The next step is perhaps the more difficult of the three, taking actions in line with that possibility. As you move through life, ask yourself whether each conversation, movement, interaction aligns with the possibility that you generated. In the interest of acting in line with the possibility of flexibility and creativity, I am writing this blog post instead of assuming the fetal position on the couch, remote in hand.


Over a year ago, within a single week, one of my friends recommended The Art of Possibility to me, and another friend bought the book for me as a gift. Now, exactly 6 months to the day of my move to Vancouver, I am ready to dive in and reignite possibility in my life. I invite you to check out The Art of Possibility if you are feeling stuck in any way. Don’t waste a minute when you can get back to what matters most to you. Reigniting possibility is not a silly self-help gimmick. It is a way to clear out the muck that gets in the way of living powerfully. It is a way to inspire bold living and dare I say, vibrancy…