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Date night with Bryan on Friday turned into a whirlwind of magic and whimsy: a ferry ride, champagne, photographs, dinner and … an engagement. I am so excited to share the news with you! Living into a moment like this one reminds me of the immense possibility that every moment holds. For every dark moment, there is one of light and sweetness._DSC0160 There are a few things that people seem to be asking, so I figure, why not address them here.

The Story

Right before “date night” Bryan informed me that he needed to drop off a legal document at a lawyer’s home right near the restaurant, a good excuse to bring his briefcase. We live right near the water, so he suggested that we take a ferry boat across the water instead of the usual Canada line. We walked down to the water and waiting for us was a little ferry and captain with no other passengers. Thinking it was simple luck, I stepped onto the boat and sat in the corner next to Bryan. As the ferry neared our destination across the way, Bryan told me to look at the sea otter in the distance. I turned my head without standing and he repeated that I should get up and look at the otter. As soon as I stood up, he got down on one knee and proposed. And without hesitation, I said yes. It was a truly surreal moment in time. He proceeded to pull out champagne from his briefcase and we watched the Vancouver coast from our boat, screaming and sipping in pure joy.


The Story Before the Story

An important piece of this puzzle is the story before the story. Bryan and I met on a service trip to Ethiopia. Backtrack, our parents met before us on a river cruise in Europe. After immediately bonding, our mothers chatted about us and the possibility of setting us up. Somehow it came up that I was leading a trip to Ethiopia in the fall, and his mom thought he might be interested (in the trip, of course). Flash forward to October, Bryan and I met for the first time in Addis Ababa. We hit it off and decided that we would keep in touch after returning to our separate lives in Vancouver and Washington, D.C.. Flash forward 1.5 years and here we are living in Vancouver on the path to marriage. Coming from someone who didn’t believe in fairy tale love stories, trust me on this one, YOUR WILDEST DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE!


The Ring

The ring in this story is another miracle. I told Bryan I wanted something gold, vintage, unique, delicate, classic, round (ok, let’s face it…I got really specific). And I know, engagement is NOT about the ring, but it is a big purchase and probably the most important piece of jewelry that I will ever receive. Bryan blew this one out of the park. In the moment that he proposed he showed me a stunning ring with a round diamond set like an eye between two gold bands. He told me its’ history. It was his grandmother’s ring, passed down to his mom. Together they decided that they would offer it to him for me. Not only was it incredibly meaningful, but without a single adjustment, it slid perfectly onto my finger. I haven’t taken it off since.

I hope that you’ve found my story engage-ing. My explorations with Wardrobe Vibrancy, are only made possible because of the loving, committed, supportive community that has opted to join me on this journey. Thank you for sharing in this very special moment!