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In an effort to flee the monotony of daily life and claim a weekend together, my mom and I chose to meet in Portland. After traveling to Paris together when I was 16, we had always dreamed of returning. Unfortunately, Paris just seemed a bit too expensive and distant this year. Thankfully, Portland came to our rescue!


From the minute we stepped foot in the city, it felt right. The people were not only friendly, they were incredibly down-to-earth, while still maintaining their hip, creative charm. Everyone we met, from waiters to farmers market vendors, was willing to discuss directions or recommendations with a genuinely caring spirit. Not to mention the unbelievable foodie culture, tax free shopping, outdoor dining, and artistic galleries and interesting architecture around every turn.

DSC_0233It was like being in Paris. We wandered from morning ’till evening exploring new neighborhoods, meandering through local stores, and feasting with our eyes and stomachs on everything in sight. It seemed that no detail was ignored, from the store windows to the unique bathroom decor. My eyes were stimulated the entire trip.


A few of the highlights:

DSC_0298Porland- Je’taime :)

Look out for next week’s post on my favorite lightweight travel outfit…