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DSC_0230One of the most difficult parts of travel is packing. What will I need? What is the weather like? What will I feel like wearing? Most of us treat packing as a chore, something that we want to be done with in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle. While I do think that packing can involve some difficult decisions, it can also be a fun exploration of what’s in your closet and how you want to present yourself in a new place.

If I’m flying, I always try to pack in a carry-on for trips ranging in 2-7 days. Yes, even for a week, a carry-on is sufficient. We ALWAYS wear less than we think and we tend to over pack because of a fear deep down that we won’t have what we need. My advice- plan your outfits. Literally, think through each day. Do you want to be comfortable for walking, dressed-up for evenings, ready for rain, hiking outdoors, a combination of all of the above? You can’t control the weather and temperature, but you can control the type of layers you bring.

DSC_0228For my 5 day trip to Portland, one of my favorite combinations was a light denim button-up polka dot tank from J-Crew, paired with a camel Gap sweater, cropped dark skinny jeans from Gap, Converse slip-ons and a Longchamp tote. These neutral layers were light, comfortable and stylish for wandering the city streets. The lengths on the sweater and tank paired well, leaving some polka dotted denim showing beneath the camel. I was able to pair the same tops with denim shorts a couple of days later, when the weather was warmer. The Converse were casual with just enough hip-ness. Not to mention, they paired well with every other day-time outfit throughout the trip. The Longchamp tote was the perfect travel companion. It folds neatly into a light bundle, that easily slips into any sized suitcase. The olive color blends well with blacks, browns, blues, and even bold pinks and reds.

As you get ready for your next summer adventure, remember to get creative and pack light!