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By “au naturel” I’m not referring to being “in the nude” :). I simply want to explore the beauty and power in embracing our natural selves in our natural state of being. A trip to Tofino (on the west coast of Vancouver Island) reminded me of the awe inspiring power of nature and the simple joy in running makeup-free through the forest. Surrounded by wilderness, I felt at home, comfortable in my own skin, ready to shed city stress and embrace the simple joy of digging my toes in the sand.


It is easy for us to get distracted and tempted away from exploring our natural selves. We buy makeup to cover our skin, treatments to disguise our hair, polish to cover our nails, heels to make ourselves tall. And while I truly believe that all of these things have value (see my posts on the power of makeup, nail polish, and high heels), it is equally valuable to take a break from time to time and embrace yourself in your natural state.

IMG_2080This weekend, I hope that you are able to let your hair down and embrace your true nature!