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DSC_0150While I often reflect on personal style, organization, and the arts, I am compelled this week to talk about sustainability. After delving into a chapter titled “Less Stuff” in David Suzuki’s Green Guide and watching the documentary No Impact Man, I am starting to question the type of consumer, and more importantly, person that I am. Do I buy things unnecessarily? Do I recycle everything that I can? What do I believe and do my actions reflect those beliefs?

Logically, I understand that we are destroying the natural earth. We throw things out without any idea where they will go. We buy and buy, filling our closets and cabinets to the brim. We buy bigger homes so that we have even more closets and cabinets to fill with more things. We disregard climate change, source food from faraway lands, and transport ourselves wherever we want, whenever we want. We live in constant denial of our environmental impact.

Here are my thoughts on how we can all do our part toward building a sustainable future, through the lens of Wardrobe Vibrancy.

  • Recycle your clothing and belongings by donating or consigning. Here in Vancouver, there are bins located all over the city where you can drop your used home goods and clothing. If there is no such bin near you, find a nonprofit organization that re-purposes furniture or provides clothing for a community in need.
  • Be more cautious about your purchases. Do you have one exactly like it? Is it excessive?
  • Consider buying vintage or consignment clothing and goods.
  • Buy local. Buy natural.

While not all of us are willing to go to the extremes of No Impact Man (watch the documentary on Netflix), we can all make an impact by doing at least one thing differently that yields a more sustainable future. My commitment: buy less, recycle more, research composting.