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Does your home make you happy? I’ve been thinking about the way that our physical environment impacts our moods. Our living spaces, similar to our wardrobes, are a reflection of who we are. I say this not to put pressure you to make your home “look better” by some made up objective standards, but rather to encourage you to take a look at whether your home is setting the tone for your happiness.

My last apartment in Washington, D.C. was anything but glamorous. There were old radiators, creaky doors, chipping paint, stains on the floor. But in time, after scavenging a few garage sales and antique fairs, I was able to transform the apartment into a space that I loved, a space that reflected me.

Having moved nine months ago, I am still in the process of transforming my new space into a space that reflects Bryan and I. One of the first spots I focused on was the living room. A comfy couch with cozy, inviting throws and pillows is the heart of our living space. Bryan already had a gorgeous leather sofa and a piece of art that fit the space well. I added some warmth with accent pillows in yellow and blue. A beautiful yellow orchid on the coffee table adds the perfect finishing touch. I love seeing flowers and plants the moment I enter the apartment.


Though I haven’t finished transforming this apartment into a full reflection of us, it feels good to enter every day into a space that is warm and inviting. I will keep you posted as I continue to morph the other rooms! In the meantime, enjoy sprucing up the corners of your home with the things that make you happiest.