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September overwhelms me. It swoops in changing the colors, temperature, and rhythm of life. Work and responsibilities triumph over the simplicity of light summer days. It is difficult to avoid the heightened anxiety and stress on my body that the fall season brings along. I’ve realized that instead of fighting where I am, I can just be where I am. It sounds simple. It’s not.

I’m not talking about succumbing to your complaints and living life through a negative lens, but rather letting yourself feel your feelings and accepting your life for what it is and what it isn’t.


Creativity ebbs and flows. Though creativity knows no bounds, it requires certain conditions to thrive. I will not give you excuses as to why I haven’t been creatively inspired. I’m having a hard time embracing this change of season and change of pace. I’m still learning how to embrace where I am, no matter what conditions present. I’m learning to nurture myself and leave space for whatever comes up.

DSC_0312I invite you to be where you are, as it is and as it isn’t. We waste a lot of time and energy wishing we were doing things differently, feeling different, looking different. And in the meantime, we discredit the current moment and all of its beauty.

Welcome to a new season. Let’s learn how to foster our needs and embrace where we are together!

Photos by Rebecca Recant.