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promisesgreyToday marks just about one year from my first public blog posting on Wardrobe Vibrancy. I want to reflect on this year in a slightly different manner…in promises. When I started this blog my intentions were clear, to connect you to the transformative power of a vibrant wardrobe. At the time, I had kick started a personal styling business in Washington, DC, and I felt confident in my choice to focus on wardrobe.

Today, just about one year later, I am shifting gears. Living in Vancouver, BC, my interests have evolved to include home styling and organization, writing, well being,  photography, graphic design, and the use of creative expression as a source of inspiration.

So now that the gears have shifted, what can I promise you?

  • Weekly posts serving as a playground for creative exploration together!
  • Playful new images
  • Elements of graphic design
  • Introspective thoughts, reflections, and hopefully inspirations
  • Organization tips and ideas
  • Food for thought on styling your wardrobe and home
  • Authenticity

I can’t promise that Wardrobe Vibrancy will look and feel the same from week to week, but I can promise to include you in the journey as the blog and I continue to evolve!

My request from you is to engage, ask questions, make requests for new types of posts, challenge me when you disagree and affirm me when you’re nodding and smiling.

And most importantly, thank you for supporting me throughout this year. I feel incredibly grateful for you. I look forward to continuing to build an online community together!