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refuge As I mentioned in a recent post, the Fall is a challenging and meditative time for me. In an effort to seek peace amidst an overloaded schedule and full mind, I picked up True Refuge by Tara Brach. It was gifted to me nearly a year ago by a dear friend whose notes and underlines guide my reading. One particular introductory line caught my eye. Tara writes:

We find refuge whenever we connect with the innate clarity and intelligence of our true nature.

Leading to my second question, what is your true nature?

Leaving the buzz of the city behind, Bryan and I opted for a peaceful adventure in nearby farm country, along the Fraser River in Ladner, British Columbia, this past weekend. There is something so primal and beautiful about picking vegetables from the earth and stepping into a pumpkin patch to feel the chewed leaves and wet soil.

DSC_0246Roaming through fields of rusted farm equipment and wild flowers filled me. Walking down crowded city blocks never seems to in the same way. It helped me get in touch with nature, literally, thereby allowing me to get in touch with my true nature. Memories of being a little girl flooded back, digging for worms with my dad in the backyard, picking dandelions and tying them in bunches with braids made out of grass.

DSC_0201We often ignore and even disconnect from our true nature.

I used to dance around the house in dress-up clothes, with a giant smile (made more prominent by my protruding front teeth) and a huge imagination. Telling stories, playing outside, adoring animals, flowers and nature, wearing only dresses (it was a stage). Have I really changed all that much?

DSC_0266Perhaps today I’m not dancing around the house with as much energy and imaginative spirit, but standing on the farm this weekend, I felt that little girl come alive. Perhaps now instead of a stuffed bear, she carries a Nikon camera, and instead of making up stories, she sits at her computer writing blog entries.

DSC_0222Being out of the hubbub in total simplicity and beauty, I find refuge. A reminder of the fact that I need to return, and a reminder of who I am, in truth.

Do something this week that brings you closer to your true nature. Maybe it’s climbing a mountain, or driving a car really fast. Maybe it’s having a coffee with a loved one or picking up a paintbrush. Whatever it is, know that it is never too late to find refuge and get in touch with your true nature.

{All photos by Rebecca Recant}