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DSC_0175After coming down from the incredible highs of engagement, it was time to get down to business and plan the wedding. Where? How? When? Who? (besides the bride and groom of course). Friends and family members wanted answers, and fast.

Apparently, I was supposed to dream up my wedding as a little girl. I was supposed to imagine the dress I would wear, the style of the room, the cake I would serve. And yes, I used to play dress-up and watch the Disney princess movies in awe, but I sure wasn’t sitting there taking notes for my future wedding, twenty years later.

DSC_0178I’ve realized that our culture (at least in North America) is infatuated with weddings. At any given point in any given day there is at least one episode of Say Yes to the Dress or Bridezilla airing on tv. Even when we check out of the supermarket, there are at least a dozen different wedding magazines piled in the display counter, laying out the do’s and don’ts of wedding edicate, with the most up-to-date gowns gracing the covers.

Navigating this wedding decision has brought up a lot of wondering and questions. How do I get to the bottom of this crazy wedding empire? What really matters? What will count in making this day as meaningful and beautiful as possible? How can I be intentional and flexible in creating an event that will be pleasing and fun for family and friends, while staying true to Bryan and I, and true to myself?

I’m learning to

…find what is inspiring and discard the rest. While I flip through most of the magazines quickly, it is fun to find tidbits and tear out beautiful gowns that catch my eye.

…embrace whimsy. I’m learning to let myself be a little extravagant in my thinking.

…dream, and then come down to earth.

…listen to my instincts and listen to others. I’m learning to stop experiencing people’s requests as demands. Considering ideas from others is helpful and a chance to learn.

…ask for help. A wedding is a huge event. Why not divide and conquer?

…compromise. This is an awesome opportunity to work together, as a couple, and as a family, to create something amazing.

DSC_0174So whether you’re newly engaged and sinking your teeth into the wedding planning process, or you have decided you’re never buying into the institution of marriage, I give you two thumbs up. There is no right way to celebrate love between two people.

You get to choose.

{Photos by Rebecca Recant}