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Are you living your dream life? In some moments I feel that I truly am, and in others, not so much. When I’m feeling a bit hazy on what that dream life looks and feels like, I visualize it.


How? Start writing! Jot down a journal entry from the perspective of living your dream life. It is a great way to put words to what it is that you desire deep down. I’ve experimented with this a couple of times with respect to different areas of life: work, relationship, family. Today I wrote from the perspective of my dream day…

Today I was creatively inspired. I woke up, stretched, meditated for a few, took a quick shower, poured a bowl of coffee and got down to business. I painted. What felt like a moment outside of time spanned hours. The stains are still on my oversized shirt. My hair is in a loose braid. The daisies that I picked in the garden are sitting on my brown wooden desk. My painting is unfinished. I photograph it and pull it up on photoshop. Time to play with words. I want to talk about sitting with it. Imperfection. I pick my favorite font. Mondern with a twinge of script-like tradition. Playful and beautiful. The door is cracked and the aromatic smell of fried garlic and onions seeps into the room.

I invite you to take five minutes to try out this visualization activity. What does your day look like when you write from this perspective? Some thoughts: try not to constrain yourself or place judgment on the words that come out. This is your unedited dream day.

{Photos by Rebecca Recant}