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We each have a style of our own. We gravitate toward certain colors, take comfort in different shoes, and look our best in varying silhouettes. Perhaps your style doesn’t fit into a category: punk, classic, preppy, hippie. I like to think of style as more of a spectrum than a category. Categories feel too limited. Style is an expression of what’s going on inside. It is your outward facing personality.

Meet Aliya. Aliya is a bright, energetic student and environmental activist, who I crossed paths with at the University of British Columbia. She was interviewing 101 strangers in 101 days, a commendable feat. I had the opportunity to be one of those strangers.


Aliya’s passion and maturity struck me and I asked her if I could photograph her for Wardrobe Vibrancy. I told Aliya to wear something that made her feel fantastic and fully expressed. And that she did.

DSC_0309Aliya chose a modern, minimalist, casual yet comfortable ensemble. She looked and felt completely natural and in her skin. “Everything should have pockets,” Aliya said with a smile. She let me feel the soft fabrics of the pieces she had chosen.


Top and pants from Oak + Fort.


While she felt totally comfortable, Aliya looked stylish, put-together and modern, in an understated way. She chose to wear no jewelry. When I asked her the reason, she told me that she likes to keep it simple, in favor of minimalism.


Shoes from Gravity Pope.

I featured Aliya because she is an incredibly vibrant individual. Simply being in her presence lifted my spirits. I know that she will continue to do amazing things in this world, and her grounded, mature style truly matches what is inside.

What does your style say about you?

{Photos by Rebecca Recant}