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I’m hesitant to decorate my walls. I feel that whatever I put up will be permanent. Questions loop through my head. Do I want to wake up everyday facing this image? Is that the right spot for it? Will the pattern enhance the ambiance that I want to create?

For months I left the walls of the apartment empty, waiting to find the “right” pieces. At last, I decided to throw over-thinking out the window and take the plunge. Two rusted mirrors at a shop on Vancouver Island caught my eye. I’ve always been drawn toward a mix of vintage and modern styles.


I decided to make a wall display mixing those two mirrors with two photos that I snapped during our trip to Tofino, capturing snippets of the rainforest and the beach, small reminders of the incredible natural beauty of British Columbia. Two mismatched frames fitting the same genre seemed to complement the two farmhouse mirrors. And voilà!DSC_0197

Even if you are not in a position to buy expensive art to hang on your walls, your home can feel polished and decorated. Try mixing some of your favorite frames with your favorite images and making a display. Remember to include mementos and pieces that have meaning. That way you can wake up everyday with a reminder of a happy moment.

DSC_0276Join me next week for part two of defining decor. In the meantime, happy decorating!

{Images by Rebecca Recant}