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Decorating a new space on a budget can feel daunting. As I mentioned last week, you don’t need to hang expensive art on your walls to make your space feel decorated, polished, and homey.

I absolutely love collages. Mixing images, textures, and color is a fantastic way to express yourself, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. While I don’t take the time to make collages on a daily basis, I like to have a space in my home where I can hang miscellaneous notes, cards, photos, and images that catch my eye.

DSC_0166Any surface will do. I’ve used a cork board, a magnetic board, a hemp string with clothes pins, a chalk board, and now a birdcage with clothes pins. I purchased my birdcage at HomeSense for under $30. I found similar birdcages online here.

When I look at my office wall, it reflects back positive imagery. It inspires me. It serves as revolving art. I delight in its’ impermanence. Put something up, take it down when it’s no longer relevant. Just like life, it changes with my mood and muses.

If you need a place to express yourself, start by finding a blank wall (or just a part of a wall). That wall might be in your bedroom, office, closet, or even bathroom. Remember that all spaces have the potential to inspire. Collect your favorite notes. Find an old photo that you printed long ago in the back of your desk drawer. Pick up a postcard from an artist that appeals to you. Save the plane tickets from a recent vacation or the fortune from the cookie that you ate last night. By giving these items a temporary home on your wall, you are able to enjoy them over an extended period and reignite your spark. Try different combinations. Remember that none of it has to be permanent. It’s an evolving creative piece by you and for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrated in the states last week! Thank you so much for joining me on this creative journey. I am incredibly grateful for you.

See you next week for part three of defining decor!

grayLogo{Images by Rebecca Recant}