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You’ve built a wall display out of your favorite photos (part one), created an open canvas on your wall to post up evolving mementos, pictures, and notable quotes (part two), what could be next?

Once you’ve exhausted your wall space, decor definition lies in the details. This is my favorite part of decorating a space, when the rooms are furnished and walls are adorned. The old adage can ring true.


Nooks and crannies are the places where decorating becomes a fun game. Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of gathering countless useless knick knacks. I am however in favor of the occasional candle, frame, mason jar, or trinket that brings joy to your space and awakens beauty in your home.

Here’s what I mean…

penholderI made this ceramic pen holder in a pottery class and it now brings function and style to my desk. It carries added meaning because I made it with my own two hands! I am not suggesting that you must go out and make your own decorations for your home, but I will say that you’ll value each thing a whole lot more if you make it by hand. And if you feel that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, tell your friends and family to make you things. Incorporating artful creations from the people who are near and dear to you will enliven your space.

letter B and mason jarsThe bookshelves were looking sad and lonely with nothing atop. For my birthday last year, Bryan and I went to an antique market and found these very old tinted aqua Crown mason jars. (Side note: when I was googling Crown mason Jars I found this beautiful post by Amy on her blog Love On Sunday. Be sure to check out her corner of the world.) I like filling these jars with flowers or simply leaving them on display on top of the bookshelves. Their charming vintage appeal provides a nice contrast to our modern space. In my mind, there is nothing better than a style balance of old and new.

The “B” (for Becca and Bryan of course) complements the vintage mason jars. Random fact– did you know that people are attracted to partners with names that sound similar? Taking you on lots of tangents today. I like the bold red of the “B”. It brings brightness to our living space, complementing the yellow and blue accent pillows on the dark brown leather sofa.

I like to leave space in the apartment to fill in more detail decorations as I travel, create, and explore. What corners of your space are begging for something interesting? Can form and function work together to fill that corner?

Enjoy delving into the details.


{Images by Rebecca Recant}