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Coming home after a two week vacation from work, commitment, blogging, and responsibility altogether is a challenge. Faced with an overflowing mailbox, disregarded email, a fridge to fill, and a home in need of attention, it is easy to get swept up in the sadness of returning to normalcy.

However, there is a moment in time when every house becomes your home. You know what I’m referring to? When you walk into a space and you feel that it is no longer simply a house (or apartment) that you live in, but a home that is your own. This delightful transition happened for me after vacation.

DSC_0513Walking into the apartment felt like a hug, familiar and stable. The green kettle perched on the stove, the eclectic cards and magnets scattered on the fridge, the couch pillows situated cozily, the subtle noise of cars buzzing on the bridge beside the apartment, and the view of city lights across the water. Home sweet home.DSC_0517DSC_0522It became apparent to me that in just one short year, Bryan and I had made our first apartment our own. From knick-knacks on the book shelves to decorated ikea corners, we had succeeded in organizing our space in a way that fit our lives. Cozy, clean, comfortable, minimal. Not to mention the memories and experiences that we had brought to the space. I feel incredibly grateful to have a home that fits our personality and style, a home that feels like our own. 

For my friends living in New York or considering a move, I recently discovered Urban Compass, an online real estate platform primarily focused on Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn, that helps match your personality with your home. I love the concept that Urban Compass embraces, connecting you not only to an individual home that suits you, but also to a neighborhood that speaks to you.

Welcome home to Wardrobe Vibrancy. I can’t wait for continued creative explorations with you into 2015!