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DSC_0350While I’ve curbed many of my shopping habits throughout the past year, my passion for consignment shopping has not diminished. Last weekend, as I was walking down West Hastings Street, gazing into shop windows and admiring bakery displays, I stumbled upon a little gem in downtown Vancouver: Closet Crows.

DSC_0361Rebecca (pictured right), the owner of Closet Crows, greeted me with a warm smile. We immediately started chatting about the wonders of consignment shopping and the power to empower through style and clothing.

When I asked Rebecca why she started Closet Crows, she said:

I had always been a thrift and consignment shopper out of financial necessity. During my leaner financial times, shopping this way enabled me to look “the part”…say while in medical school or while interviewing for residency positions. As I grew older, I also became aware of the tremendous waste in the textile industry. I thought that developing this business would incorporate both the need to be environmentally conscious as well as offering women and men who were in times of fiscal restraint a wonderful place to shop.

What a beautiful answer! Closet Crows started in March 2014 as an online high-end consignment business and also fills pop up shops around Vancouver (see updates on facebook). Rebecca’s eldest daughter Julia (pictured left) has taken a liking to the business and helped me find a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress while I was in the store.

DSC_0353I asked Rebecca her favorite thing about running a consignment shop and she said:

I love interacting with the clients! Whether a woman is consigning with me or buying from me, I love to hear her story.  Helping women to maximize their wardrobe by selecting versatile, quality pieces gives me a huge sense of joy and fun.

I wanted to feature Rebecca and Closet Crows because her business completely resonates with the concepts behind Wardrobe Vibrancy. Friends in Vancouver, if you would like to consign pieces of your clothing, simply email Rebecca. She is accepting spring and summer items right now. And if you’re in the mood for some sustainable and high-end shopping, visit her pop-up store through the end of February at: 140 West Hastings Street, Vancouver.

DSC_0364In the meantime, if you need any help going through your closet to figure out what you would like to consign, feel free to contact me and we’ll work together to pare down your wardrobe to the essential classics and spruce it up with some newer pieces.

Look out for future consignment corner posts on Wardrobe Vibrancy, where I will explore all things consignment related!