I don’t have any great revelations to share today. I feel like I went to sleep at the end of February and woke up in mid April. Where has my energy been going? Commitments and lists run through my mind. Wedding planning, work, wedding planning, work, work, relationship, wedding planning, family time, work, yoga, work, cooking, cleaning. The rhythm of life carries on and I try to catch balance, as if there is even such a thing. Overwhelm is overwhelming.DSC_0128Breathe, I tell myself. Take another yoga class. Breathe more. Lay down. Watch a show. Relax. Meditate. Take care of yourself. Sleep. In a hazy funk I reach for my phone. As if it has the answers. Does it require inspiration to generate inspiration?

Through the buzzing whirl, I want you to know that I have not forgotten about you. My commitment to Wardrobe Vibrancy remains strong. My creative hibernation has come to a close for the time-being. I am ready to come out and play again!

DSC_0191Has Spring brought about creative momentum in your life?

What is inspiring you right now?

{Photos by Rebecca Recant}