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closetpurgeSpring is in full bloom in Vancouver and so are my spirits. The impact of blue skies and longer lighter days is tangible. And alongside the bursts of green and pops of blooming blossoms, my spirits are bursting with frenetic energy. I feel the need to spontaneously purge my closets, clean out my home, cross off all of the to-do’s on my list, start anew. Am I having a spring awakening or a spring crisis?

Despite this burst in energy, I put off spring purging. Excuses come out the whazoo– I don’t have a large chunk of time to commit. I would rather watch TV. I don’t have THAT much to get rid of. This isn’t important. All poor excuses for inaction.

This week, I forced myself to jump in head first, letting go of the notion that the outcome would be perfect. The result– after just thirty minutes of rummaging my closets I had two bags of clothing to consign, another bag filled with clothes to donate, and a pile of fixer uppers that had been ignored for far too long.

I’m becoming fixated on developing a simpler life, a life in which each thing that enters my home has a place of its own, a life in which my wardrobe has fewer pieces, and a life in which excess does not thrive. Less is more– my new motto.

Do you have trouble letting things go? We all do. Especially certain things. But if they truly are not being used, worn, loved, they are occupying physical and mental space unnecessarily. You will not notice when they are gone. I promise you.

Still resistant to letting go? Put aside a bag of items that you’re on the fence about. Leave it in the corner of a closet (preferably one that you don’t use too often) for two weeks and see whether it crosses your mind. If it doesn’t, it’s time to let go. If you’re anything like me, you might find that you think that you need far more than you actually need.

And if you can, let go of perfectionism. It is the enemy to action. Even if you aren’t able to fully complete your closet clean-out (I wasn’t), it will be worthwhile. Just begin. Somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter. You choose. Life is messy and constantly evolving. Rather than resisting, let’s get messy and evolve with it.

Photo by Rebecca Recant.