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_s0FoqwzhDHDE26HEkDdQxvc_d4aF33mFXY9dVRxeCbYAFmQUJpSPgNwNK74sG8tcWwVRK_u6V9CnbaAyC9eF0c1ptUwb28qQC04qxMom3a2QUzNOYkxdzLNZD6u6RDtx9AbbQVt68tWBoksPTkZKdWoMgiMMqO-z5oiGaxuNoD7UriVG4RRVuG4vinr7YqkzdLZ84hG_With awe and wonder, I walked into the tent of my little sister Jen’s wedding. Though the skies were ominous and the weather was uncertain, Jen and Judd were certainly ready for the main event. After a year of logistics, details, emotions, and planning, the day had finally arrived.


And though we plan and we plan and we plan and we plan (really the planning feels endless), things don’t go according to plan. A storm passes. The shuttle is five minutes late. There is a pull in the dress.

Yet none of these things matter.

Suddenly, the insignificant details fall away and the magnitude of the sacred bond of marriage takes hold.  3Cz3VAXZSWxx1UjI2zFAe3YYSkxSuhWv4fAkUB_WjgavWjeYgsxtcSxqMhzgXR7FjSgnvaQKxfwS0dfhle4jnyqW0xvDsIElWHslrDvTX1BoqK5ob1R_KojLmvRtCR9ycP5ulzopRVr2a2taWo8Vz3FHfcQeSjtAen0sc-TUPyVFoMAvCKmLtxPujvQTqyYNE5rl2WRaLIt is a beautiful thing when two people who have loved each other deeply commit to each other for life amongst family and friends. Jen and Judd did it perfectly. The wedding, held at the Comus Inn in Maryland, was understated, natural, and beautiful, just like the two of them.


As these two embark on the rest of their lives together, I am so confident in who they are and what they bring to the world, as individuals and as a pair. They are wonderful on the inside and out.

stY1Cb9kD_2h3MhcfWOYn7SYiGCkSu3h-jwX8BAJYOdeW3nw5wkFqbit83XXbLPVJixiISnJ3lqGzUtnFcLY75HYHKx5X2N2-yKalM8xuednuWzm_jUft8UVDplAI0jcTO95_e48V3jGWntQQ6eCu5ugXTLd3his0Gyr3RhJlSFnEGooE3qNjM34CvpdYPrZnts3t7dbfAs you embark on the next major milestone (perhaps a wedding), remember that no matter what happens, love will prevail and the beauty that lies within will sparkle and shine.

I couldn’t help but share all of the sneak peak photos from their fabulous photographers, Maria and Drew (Maria Vicencio Photography). I can’t wait for them to photograph my wedding in August!