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Have you noticed that your phone has become a companion? It reminds you when to go to the doctor and vibrates when you need to wake up. It alerts you of world news and spoils television finales. It reveals pictures of beaches, family members, foreign foods and faraway lands.

I looked around on the bus this morning and I was surrounded by six people and five phones. None of the people were speaking with each other, yet all of the five phones were being used and loved.

I struggle to find balance with technology. Yes, I said it. I’m a blogger and I struggle to find balance. I’m resistant to change. And for a long time, I’ve walked the line between resenting technology and seeing its incredible potential.

Creating a blog was a huge leap for me (the girl who held on to her flip phone the longest). Blogging meant: creating a website on a platform that I was not familiar with, sharing more of my intimate thoughts and images, and spending more time on the computer and phone (those things that I so love to hate). Little did I know that fear of the unknown was keeping me away from a world of fun and inspiration.

It’s time to let go of my resentment and fear. We live in a world that is completely connected. We live in a world that is shared, more so than private. We live in a world that is both physical and virtual.

And there is true beauty and inspiration to be found in this virtual world. We simply need to withhold judgment, think about the things that we love, set appropriate boundaries between ourselves and our technology and stand in awe of the incredible possibilities for learning and connecting online.

Blogging has offered me a platform to explore creatively, to find inspiration, to see new creative endeavors and professions that I didn’t even know existed and to communicate with a global community of artistic souls and friends.

And with this new found attitude of embrace, I joined instagram.

Here are a couple of my first instagram photos…

photo 1photo 2Within three days of instagramming, I have found new exciting individuals to follow and beautiful images that have awakened my senses. I look forward to continuing to overcome my technology fears by giving in a little more.

Are there online forums, apps, platforms that inspire you? Perhaps we can use technology in a way that doesn’t drain us, but feeds us.

On the journey with you,


P.S. If you’re a fellow instagram enthusiast, you can find me at #vibrantly_becca.