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A photo of Joy and I

I blog to inspire. I blog to explore. I blog for community. I blog for fun.

Two years ago, when I first started this blogging adventure, a friend told me about some of her favorite bloggers, one being Joy Cho. After clicking through her blog, oh joy!, and absorbing her cheerful bright images and ideas, I was immediately hooked. She remains one of my favorite blog inspirations today.

When a blog post appeared in my inbox announcing that Joy would be coming to Vancouver, I was beyond excited. And when she announced that she would be speaking at the social media sessions of the Interior Design Conference, I knew where I had to be.

In her recent post, Joy gives a great description of herself.

My name is Joy. I design things that I hope will make people happy. I come up with ideas for life that I hope will surprise and delight, and I share those ideas on the Internet. I am the mother to two girls who have taught me to enjoy the simplicity of every day. I am the wife to a person who has always believed in me even when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I work really hard, and I go after what I want. I try and spend my time doing things that make me happy because life is too short to spend your time doing too many things that you hate. I also think about ice cream…all the time.

Hearing Joy speak about her design career with humility and truth was a real joy (no pun intended). Joy was down to earth and honest about the incredible highs and lows of her work and life journey thus far. She talked about the difficult and delicate balance of managing her career and being a mom. She discussed the importance of setting and resetting goals and intentions on a regular basis. She made it clear that her journey to success was not just about luck and timing, it involved seriously hard work, dedication and drive.


Loved this sign at the entrance to the design show

Joy reminded me of the fact that “failure” doesn’t always mean that you have failed. It means that one door has shut, and perhaps that’s the door that you so badly wanted open. Many of the closed doors in our lives lead to even greater opportunity and purpose later down the line. It is easier to see this in your own lives in retrospect. As you continue your creative journey, I hope that you keep this in mind and continue to find inspiration in others, like Joy.

A big thank you to Poppytalk for hosting the social sessions at the Interior Design Show. Being surrounded by creative individuals who live and breathe design day in and day out was a true delight.