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It’s mid-January. The holiday season came and went. You relaxed into your vacation days and spent quality time with loved ones. You let yourself indulge in naps, sweets, and netflix marathons. You made a new years resolution or two. And then…you came home.

OK, so perhaps you didn’t physically travel anywhere, but mentally and emotionally we tend to take a bit of a break as December winds down. Oftentimes, when I return to the office in January of a new year, I find that I was so fixated on taking time off and going away that I didn’t really give myself the time to process coming home.

For me, “coming home” means returning to you, not just in your physical home, but in your body, in your mind, and in your heart. As each passing day brings me deeper into the new year, I continue to arrive home. And though coming home isn’t always easy, there is something so wonderful about sinking back into daily life.

Photo by Bryan, my husband and photographer, on a road trip to beautiful Squamish, BC. I am beyond grateful to be able to live in a place that is naturally spectacular.