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cocoon | [noun] | something that covers or protects a person or thing


A recent inspiration board

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she begins to feel an itch. This itch is not a physical sensation, but something much deeper.

Over time, the itch turns into a scratch, a scratch that cannot be ignored. She finds herself reeling, feeling small and stagnant. She longs to break out, free from the binding silk threads of her once safe, comfortable cocoon.

One day, she begins thrashing about. Driven by her instincts and aspirations, she pushes with all her might, conjuring every ounce of energy, and finally breaking free.

When I started writing this post, the cocoon metaphor seemed to pour out on the page. I guess that this is my way of letting you know where I’ve been for the last year, busy outgrowing my cocoon. Now that I am breaking through,  I am seeing life in a new light. As I evolve, everything I touch seems to evolve alongside me.

You may notice that Wardrobe Vibrancy looks a bit different these days. In breaking free from my cocoon, I feel renewed inspiration, wisdom and passion. I realize how much I’ve missed you. I want the Wardrobe Vibrancy community to continue to grow, reflecting an expanded mission to generate an empowered community of women around the world.

I invite you into a reinvigorated Wardrobe Vibrancy, where…

…we celebrate beauty in the everyday. We find artistry in every corner, from our closets to our bookshelves.

…we believe in making conscious choices. We understand that less is more. We support sustainable fashion and ethically made products.

…we embrace our creative instincts. We aren’t afraid of our femininity. We enjoy trying new things and following our creative intuitions.

…we live into new possibilities in style and in life. We raise creative living to the next level, taking risks and making bold, courageous choices.

…we feel beautiful, powerful and inspired every day!

As you continue to evolve through life, I want you to know that I’m right here with you. I give you permission to wrestle with it, grow and evolve in whatever direction makes your heart sing. I know how hard it is. We can do this together.

With love,