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Calling all busy, overworked, under-appreciated women. Life seems to continually call us into “go mode”. You know the mode I’m talking about– wake up to your alarm, rush through meals, cross things off your to-do list, caffeinate, juggle work, care for family, cook, clean, juggle some more. The busy-ness of life tends to become the business of life.

While you are reading, take a deep breath and STOP. Put down your to-do list, turn off the sound on your phone. Take a moment for yourself by yourself.

Meditate on the fact that you are enough. You are worthy of the deepest love and attention, not only from others, but from yourself. Focus on your feelings and needs. Feel them.


Self-care is not about some prescribed day at the spa. Self-care is about focusing inward, listening to your body, observing your thoughts, taking pause and breathing. Many of us resist this pause because it isn’t always pleasant. Sit with the unpleasant-ness. Go a step further and welcome it.

Get curious about your inner world. Become acquainted with yourself. And remember that you five years ago or even five days ago is probably not you today.

From this place of curiosity and introspection, feelings may begin to bubble. You may feel tired, anxious, distracted. You may feel excited, fulfilled. Sit with whatever you feel and listen. It is when we come from this authentic feeling place that we can begin to practice self-care.

Self-care isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” formula. Self-care is about taking care of you, right now, as you are and aren’t. It may take shape in a nap on the couch or in a good cry. The day that I took this photo, self-care manifested in buying myself a bouquet of my favourite flowers. Do something that feeds you. And if guilt comes up, as it tends to, tell it to take a seat.

Imagine how the world would look if we practiced self-care every day. The vision that I have is incredibly bright.

I grant you permission to celebrate you.

On the journey with you,