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This year has been filled with endings and letting go. I’ve realized that the more I resist the feelings of sadness, anger and grief that accompany letting go, the more those feelings persist. So rather than resisting, I am learning to feel, to flow, to be with what is and to see it as a gift.

As we enter the holiday period, let’s grant ourselves permission to let go. It will ease our way into creation and manifestion in the new year if we’re able to release old beliefs and patterns. Ponder it for a moment. What do you want to leave behind in 2016?

I am letting go of attachment. Attachment to people, places, results, even feelings.

I am letting go of judgment. Judgment of myself and others. It only gets in the way of true connection and love.

I am letting go of working so hard. The over-working (especially in our minds) is counterproductive. It is time to invite in ease.


Let’s let go, let go, let go, unlocking the door to manifest magic.

Sending you warm wishes for a cozy, joyful holiday period. I have so much gratitude for your support and dedication to living with vigor and vibrancy!